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Do you know how much your business is worth?
If that answer is “no,” we’d like to show you.
TP4 offers various packages that explore the value of each aspect of your business.
Valuation Services
Valuation Report: 
Opinion of Value
Cost efficient overview of company’s value
Estimated expected: Enterprise Value
Estimated expected: Asset Sale Value
Liquidation Value of business with
explanations of different values
K.P.I. metrics with explanation of metrics
Value Driver Analysis
Business Valuation
Review of the company’s overall financial situation
Value Driver Analysis
Review of company’s statement of cash flows
Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis of historical financials and relevant company projections

Are you thinking of selling your business?
Maybe you’d like to purchase a business…
We help you do that too.

M&A Services:
Buy-side & Sell-side Services
Strategy discussion
Successful closing
Transaction preparation
Go-to market

Consulting Services:
A roadmap to success

Financial Operations Roadmap
Review of company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and create metrics 
tracking report
Analysis and recommendations on all major categories of income statement and 
balance sheet
Recommended “Next Steps” for 30-90 days and 91-180 days provided
Evaluation of company financial process
and procedures
Provide overview of business 
valuation drivers

Special Projects:

Have a special or specific project? 
Let us know the details and we can curate an individual plan.

Financial Forecasting for Bank Loans
13-week Cash Forecast
Annual Budget Preparation
Financial Modeling
Profit Margin Analysis
Other projects as needed
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  • "Tom & Todd from TP4 worked with the Busken Bakery to create and implement an Accounting Road Map that helped us identify key areas to enhance profitability, streamline processes and measure key performance metrics."

    - Dan Busken, President and CEO: Busken Bakery

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