Fractional Back Office Accounting Services That Your Business Needs.

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Financial Expertise is What We Bring to the Table.

We become your internal bookkeeping and accounting department. Keeping your books current and increasing your efficiency, all while reducing your overhead costs.

Sounds too good to be true, we know. Luckily, we’re not the lying type.

Services that we offer:

Full-Service Back-Office Accounting
Fractional CFO
Business Valuations
Sell-Side M&A Services
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TP4 Advisors streamlines your financial processes to help you make better business decisions with better information.

What brought you here?

Are you a small business owner feeling like you need a financial foundation?
Maybe you’re a growing mid-sized business needing timely and accurate financial statements.
You’re a high growth business needing finance professionals who know their stuff.
You understand that we’re cheaper than hiring a full-time CFO 
(a team of experts is better)

Is there a difference between an 
accountant or bookkeeper and a CFO?

Your accountant and/or bookkeeper deals with what’s happened in the past. Tracking historical trends, income and spending.
A CFO is the only financial expert who predicts the future of your company’s finances. They analyze your financial data to determine where your business is going and how your actions impact your wealth months and years later. Business leaders use a CFO’s expertise to make strategic financial decisions and drive toward their goals.

You deserve healthy finances and a successful business.
We make that a reality.

Level Up Your Business.

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